Frankfurt will be hosting the next INC Congress in 2027

The International Congress, which takes place every six years, represents the world renowned event in the field of Numismatics. It is attended by a great number of people and attracts scholars, curators of coin collections, auction houses and auction dealers from the five Continents. The Congress forms a part of the politics for the promotion, conservation, valorization and fruition of the material and immaterial Cultural Heritage.

It is organized under the auspices of the International Numismatic Council “to facilitate cooperation between scholars and between institutions in the field of numismatics and related disciplines. In the past the venues have been Paris, Rome, New York – Washington, Bern, London, Bruxelles, Berlin, Madrid, Glasgow, Taormina and Warsaw. The International Numismatic Congress is the occasion to reflect on the area of Numismatics, its methods, its advances and also the problems that it faces. It is therefore a unique opportunity for curators, historians, professional experts, collectors and all participants to meet one another and to share their passion to make fruitful contacts, and to initiate projects.

The next Congress will take place in Frankfurt in September 12-17, 2027.

The Frankfurt campus and city-scape.
© Goethe University, photo U. Dettmar