Compte Rendu

Compte Rendu is an annual periodical published by INC since 1951. Printed copies of the publication is distributed to the INC members. Two years later the volumes are made digitally accessible for free from this website.

The Survey of Numismatic Research

Since the 1967 the INC on the occasion of the International Numismatic Congress publishes a Survey of Numismatic Research, a volume that provides an authoritative critical bibliography on the progress of numismatic studies between congresses with a focus on methodology and new discoveries.

All Surverys are digitally accesible through this website.


After the INC Congresses the organizing countries produces a Proceedings publication in which the participants publish their contributions.

The Proceedings are not digitally avalilable through this website. The printed Proceedings from Taormina can be ordered here.


International Numismatic Newsletter (INN) was printed betwwen 1980-2007.

After that the International Numismatic e-Newsletter (INeN) was digitally distributed between 2005-2016.

The INC News blog started in 2016 and cover news about numismatics and related fields in universities, academies and museums all over the world.

All issuse of INN and INeN are digitally availabe throuh our website.