Moneda Iberica (MIB)

The website is the digital catalogue of the ancient coins of the Iberian Peninsula and the south of France minted between the 6th and 1st centuries BC, by over 200 cities. It is published within the framework of the ARCH project (Ancient Coinages as Related Cultural Heritage), an international initiative developed in collaboration with the University of Oxford and the Bibliotèque nationale de France. The result is an important free access website that offers the results of a long compilation and research work carried out for over four decades. The catalogue includes 4,000 coin types from the Greek, Punic, Iberian, Celtiberian, Vasconian and Lusitanian cultures. The project gathers over 100,000 coins with images, from important museums, public auctions and private collections. The system includes 7,000 publications and 40,000 bibliographic citations.

The contents are organized through a content manager system called Numisdata, based on Dédalo, an open source tool. It is a web application that allows, through any browser, to work in collaborative environments and that offers powerful capabilities for managing languages, users and projects. By the end of 2020, the system registers a total of 575,000 records, 8,000 thesaurus terms, 30,000,000 relationships between records and 8,000,000 activity actions. The website provides links to other national and international projects, mainly archaeological and bibliographic. The website contributes to the Linked Open Data publication model in the field of museum collections and numismatic catalogues, and offers URIs as permanent links for its contents.