The International Numismatic Council strongly condemns the war which the Russian Federation is waging against Ukraine and its people. The attack on a sovereign country is a violation of international law, which we deplore. The terrible accounts of human suffering and the deliberate attacks on civilians, even children, who are used as weapons of war, are truly unspeakable. We stand united with our colleagues in Ukraine and we will do our utmost to support them in any way we can.

In this year, when the International Numismatic Council is holding its international congress in Warsaw, we shall provide additional support to enable our Ukrainian colleagues to attend. Moreover, we will each use our personal contacts to national and international scientific institutions to assist displaced Ukrainian scholars and their families.

In the spirit of international collaboration, the International Numismatic Council is calling on the numismatic world to assist us in our efforts on behalf of our Ukrainian colleagues. Our organization was founded in 1927 to promote numismatics and related disciplines by facilitating cooperation among individuals and institutions in our field. We have always advanced scholarly exchange and research across borders, regardless of a scholar’s nationality or background. However, due to the current situation we are forced to suspend the membership of our Russian member institutions. We are looking forward to a future time when they will join us again. In the meantime, we express our solidarity with all those who risk their own lives by opposing this war.

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